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Here you'll find a connection that is the cornerstone
of a strong community.

Listowel is a vibrant and growing community of people that support the arts, local sports teams and
each other. It has long been a desirable setting to live, work and visit due to it's abundance of activities and it's warm demeanor.
There is no such thing as a stranger in Listowel. It is a welcoming community that greets everyone like a neighbour which make's Hannah's Haven an ideal place to settle down
and call home.

Listowel actively built a community of character that easliy embraces people from all races, cultures, life experiences and abilities. The people of Listowel believe community is enriched by the full participation of all people within the life of the community. The individual in the community contributes to the community as a whole. Family is paramount to this community, making Hannah's Haven a special place to live.