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Savour the delights that can be found in Listowel
and the surrounding area.

Handmade, homemade, gourmet and glorious, Listowel’s restaurants and quaint cafés celebrate everything there is to love about food. Linger at local dining events and celebrations highlighting local talent and foods. Whether you crave the breads, cheeses, eggs, preserves, berries and vegetables available from local producers or seek a dining experience with an international flavour, you’ll find just the right menu to stimulate your palate. No visit to Listowel and the surrounding area would be complete without sampling the outstanding cuisine.

From gourmet experiences to convenient diners, the range of choices that await you will demonstrate the pride Listowel's restaurants take in supporting the community. Adults and children alike will find a flavour to suit their discerning tastes, making their dining experience a time to remember. All just a moment away form the beauty that is Hannah's Haven!